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Wiki Pages


Looking for installation or usage info? Documentation is the right place to be.


Skribki is a powerful and easy-to-use wiki software (you're using it right now!), free and open-source.

Documentation for Skribki can be found in its project section or on GitHub.


Lynxii is still in early development stages and no details nor documentation is available.


WeToDo is a simple and collaborative time and task tracking app. Available on mobile and desktop.

Documentation for WeToDo can be found in its project section or on GitHub.


There's a few other things about here, too. These aren't really high-priority though, so don't expect much.

Shadows of Maya

Follow the story of Thri and Aurora Borealis in this three-part epic. Dive into the rich world that is Shadows of Maya.

A collection of information on SoM can be found on the Shadows Of Maya Topic Page.