Shadows of Maya tells the story of Thri and Aurora Borealis through a three-part multi-perspective collection. It began as a collaborative effort to create a rich universe, but, after the original team collapsed, some of its members began to recollect its writings.

Per its name, it lends the story of the Mayan Empire, whose name left a mark on several planets within Sulgala through is numerous characters. With them, stands the Kymae Federation, the Ryteki Coalition, and the Sylorian Empire constantly entangled in grudges, conflict, loss, love, and absolute chaos.


Parts, often referred to as "books" (despite the lack of any literature in that form), create a clear divide between each timeline. Unlike other series, these "books" can be understood without having understood the prior, although details from the previous will be called upon.


Book 1 - Incubation

incubate (v.) - to keep samples at a suitable temperature so that they develop.

This part describes Thri and Aurora as characters, as well as introducing the primary plot point for its successors near its end. For the most part, it takes place in The Mayan Academy of Science on Keel'teka and depicts their (and many others') time there.


Book 2 - Consignment

consignment (n.) - a batch of goods destined for or delivered to someone.

This particular book is a collection of varying forms of information at once. In its story notes, multiple authors describe multiple stories at once in many different places, mainly stemming from Homeland Delta.


Book 3 - Imbuement

imbue (v.) - to inspire or permeate with a feeling or quality.

The final part sees Thri and Aurora again, working toward unification and peace in the still war-stricken galaxy. While it tells the Borealis story, it is told through the voice and mind of Kayla Pyser, a flight mechanics technician and field engineer at the Gateway Research Facility.


Numerous small games, videos, and other media exist that are slowly being uncovered by the Vevox team and restored. In addition, some other cannon games have been developed by Vevox Digital and other small groups.


The name "FireFight" has been used in several different places and stuck on many different projects before finally settling on a ROBLOX game. This specific game details a battle-royal style arena during the combat simulations at Cerberus Research Facility before it was relocated to Gateway, for obvious reasons.

More information is available on FireFight's Title Page.


This was another ROBLOX game redesigned based on a concept of a unfinished game during the original Shadows of Maya writings. Outbreak took place after the Cerberus reactor failed, forcing much of the facility to evacuate. Containment failures caused a quarantine in the Iota block, locking small portions of the crew inside, who must kill the quarantined creature to escape.

This game is not yet available, and as such no additional information is present.